A downloadable game for macOS

An old prototype. I worked on Conflux in 2014 for about 3 months with 4 others.


Mac 92 MB


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Looks beautiful- Im a windows guy though and dont own a mac so I cant play it. Fantastic job on the asthetics at least! :P

Woah, reminds me alot of The Stanley Parable without narrator and Portal without a Portal Gun or GLaDOS. Keep on doing this stuff man, and i'm really exited for your next project

I've figured out how to move and jump. Can I pick things up, or only kick them around physically?

Are there any instructions or possibly a control key reference?

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ah, apologies! The controls are just WSAD and mouse. you can pick up objects with leftmousebutton.

the game is solely about forced-perspective puzzling, and the design of those puzzles isn't perfect (doesn't communicate what to do well enough). The only mechanic in Conflux is positioning yourself and looking at projections to materialize them, so there's no complicated control scheme or anything!

How far did you get?

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I got to the third set of stairs, then got stuck in a gap and quit. I plan to play more of it.

The design owes to Portal, and I really dig the ambience. I have always wanted the game that lets you explore Escher-like environments with odd physics. Antichamber was close but not quite. There was another 3D game that played with perspective in the sense of you initially think you're in a normal sized room, but as you walk it's a lot larger and a chair grows to the size of a mountain.

I like this sort of thing, so I appreciate your prototype a lot!

Thanks for the kind words! Have you seen Memories Of A Broken Dimension and this amazing idea? Those games do kind of the same thing, but in very cool ways we didn't think of.

The team actually got together again for a new project, and it has a similar feel to it that Conflux has. It's still in concept phase, but I'll tweet about it once we have something that's worth showing :)